Dаngеrѕ thаt саuѕе burning smells or popping noise іnѕіdе thе раnеl

If you notice the smell of plastic or rubber from one of your sockets, do not ignore it. Know what is causing this unpleasant smell and how you can protect yourself and workers.

Reasons for burning smell from the electrical socket

There are many reasons why there may be a burning odor from the electrical socket, and no one should be ignored. Here are some of the most likely guilty.

Circuit overload

Exposed wire

Something stuck in the box

Wiring damaged or improperly installed

What to do when you feel an outlet is burning

When you discover the scent of burning in your building, you may need to break through to find the exact odor from which the smell is coming. After you find the output, turn off the power supply to this switch area after you disconnect everything plugged into the socket.

If you feel comfortable, you can unlock the plug to see if anything has happened in the case, but make sure the switch is off before you do this. Even if you feel comfortable checking your socket, it's always wise to let the electrician take care of wiring or other repairs. An experienced electrician from Commercial Electrician San Diego will be able to diagnose the cause of the scent and solve the problem safely and efficiently.

When to call Commercial Electrician San Diego's team

With electric shocks and household fires as a threat, signs of electrical problems should never be ignored. If you feel the scent of the fire in the electrical outlet in your home or any other sign of electrical danger, turn off the power supply and call Commercial Electrician San Diego right away. We will be there to solve the problem and make sure your commercial property in a safer state in a very short time. Call today!